GG-SKP4  - Snowkite Private course 4 hours voucher
  • GG-SKP4  - Snowkite Private course 4 hours voucher
  • GG-SKP4  - Snowkite Private course 4 hours voucher

Snowkite Private course 4 hours voucher


Universal gift voucher for shop, online shop, rental and school

to print out directly or send as email

Swiss Kitesurf vouchers

Online voucher to print or send as email. All vouchers are valid for all offers and services from Swiss Kitesurf GmbH. As usual, the vouchers are valid for 2 years and can be redeemed online as well as in Silvaplana. Only the Guschein code is required to redeem.

  • Validity: 2 years
  • Swiss Kitesurf vouchers can be redeemed for all products and services - regardless of the purpose for which they were issued.
  • Vouchers are based on codes and are therefore transferable. But also protect your code from misuse.
  • You can see your personal vouchers at any time in your personal customer area. However, gift vouchers are not personal and cannot be seen there. If you lose the voucher code, the voucher is lost!

You can order our vouchers online and after payment you can configure them in your personal customer area in the "My gift vouchers" tab:

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Variant 1: You download the voucher to your device as a PDF where you could then print it out.

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Variant 2: You send the voucher by email to any recipient. You can also have the email automatically sent to you on a specific date.

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