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History of Swiss Kitesurf

Ever since I was little Stefan I was fascinated by everything that flies and I made my first kites, which I let fly in the lowlands. But first I went in a completely different direction professionally, I stuck my nose in the pots and learned my second passion "cooking". After the apprenticeship, I enthusiastically went to work in many places in Germany and abroad and got to know many exciting people.

But somehow I wanted more... and at the age of 25 I went back to school again - I attended the tourism trade school in Bern. This change opened up new horizons for me and I came to Silvaplana full of enthusiasm in 1991 to do the bookkeeping at the Kurverein. E voilà - there I was in Silvaplana! And how could it be otherwise, here I also found the Maloja wind and came back to my second passion, kite flying. Strictly speaking, for stunt kite flying in the summer with the local club. I was soon building my own high-tech kites and buying materials for myself and my friends.

Then in the winter of '92, when I wanted to fly my stunt kite, I discovered a group in the snow who were testing "Parawings" towing kites for an expedition to the Arctic. Immediately enthusiastic about the new piece of sports equipment, I got my skis and joined the group to test one of these things. That's how it happened and nothing could hold me back in the Kurverein. I had my new business idea: this fun, sailing in the wind, will be a hit and make everyone happy.

So in the summer of 1993 I opened the kite studio. In the summer I started selling kites and accessories and in the winter I opened my snowkite school.

The Swiss Kitesurf School was open!

The first winter was all about practicing and arousing the interest of winter sports enthusiasts. It was steadily improving and in the second year I already had my first students in winter. The world's first kite school was opened and from all corners and countries they came to me to learn the sport and many went home and opened a school themselves.

In the summer I made my first attempts in the water, tinkering with friends on kites that can be launched from the water, but with moderate success. In 1998 things finally got going and with my new F-One Board - 230cm I went to the south of France with my friend Dani to practice practice practice. Collecting all my impressions, I returned and my plan was set, in the summer of '99 I opened the kitesurfing school in the water. From now on things went up at a breathtaking pace and what followed was a chaotic time in which events unfolded. The team grew and soon I had over a dozen employees.

We organized events, parties and always had a great atmosphere. The hobby turned into a job and a dream came true, I founded my company against this spectacular backdrop in the Engadin on a lake with clear mountain water and a Maloja wind that was worth its weight in gold. In 2004 the sole proprietorship became a GmbH and the business became a company. Today we have a permanent place in the Mulets sports center and kiting is an integral part of Silvaplana's image. A team of great employees help me to make this beautiful spot on Lake Silvaplana an unforgettable experience for you.

Mr Kite Stefan Popprath