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Flysurfer Switzerland: Kites, Snowkites & Kiteboards

Discover boards and kites like the Flysurfer STOKE2 and the BOOST4 or the Flysurfer Flow-Twintips in the Swiss Kitesurf Kiteshop. Do you also go on the water with little wind? Then the Flysurfer SOUL or the Flysurfer SONIC together with your foil form the ultimate light wind equipment. In our kite store you will also find the popular Flysurfer Snowkites like the PEAK4 or the Viron.

FKPE5school  - Flysurfer PEAK5 Schoolkite with Bar

Flysurfer PEAK5 Schoolkite...

Regular price CHF988.00 -50% Price CHF494.00
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Flysurfer Tao

Flysurfer Tao

Price CHF789.00
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FKSO4  - Flysurfer Sonic 4

Flysurfer Sonic 4

Price CHF1,899.00
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FACCB21  - Flysurfer Connect Control Bar2.0

Flysurfer Connect Control...

Regular price CHF449.00 -25% Price CHF336.75
  • -25%
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FKPE5  - Flysurfer PEAK5

Flysurfer PEAK5

Regular price CHF559.00 -25% Price CHF419.25
  • -25%
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Flysurfer INFINITY XX...

Price CHF529.00
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FKSL2  - Flysurfer SOUL II kite only

Flysurfer SOUL II kite only

Regular price CHF1,599.00 -10% Price CHF1,439.10
  • -10%
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FKVMG2  - Flysurfer VMG 2

Flysurfer VMG 2

Price CHF2,999.00
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FBFL1  - Flysurfer Flow "Board only"

Flysurfer Flow "Board only"

Price CHF559.00
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FARCB1055  - Flysurfer Race Control Bar

Flysurfer Race Control Bar

Price CHF519.00
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FBTR1S  - Flysurfer TRIP "Ready to Ride"

Flysurfer TRIP "Ready to Ride"

Regular price CHF1,429.00 -40% Price CHF857.40
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  • -40%
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FCTS3W  - Flysurfer T-Shirt Team Women
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FCTS3M  - Flysurfer T-Shirt Team Men
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FCC3TU  - Flysurfer Snapback Cap Team
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FBATB1  - Flysurfer Board bag TRIP

Flysurfer Board bag TRIP

Price CHF89.00
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Flysurfer Squad Grab Handle
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FBASFS  - Flysurfer Squad Finnenset

Flysurfer Squad Finnenset

Price CHF65.00
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FBASQ1  - Flysurfer Squad Pad-Schlaufen-Set

Flysurfer Squad...

Price CHF142.00
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FBAD5H  - Flysurfer Grab Handle GALAXY
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FASL1S  - Flysurfer Short Safety Leash
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