er020  - Ripstop Tape 50mmx4.5m
  • er020  - Ripstop Tape 50mmx4.5m

Ripstop Tape 50mmx4.5m


Ripstop Sailrepair Tape zum notdürftigen flicken oder zum dauerhaften flicken wenn am Rand vernäht.

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 Very lightweight and strong, the Ripstop spinnaker/sail repair tape is mage from the highest quality ripstop nylon and an extremely tough adhesive.

Designed for emergancy spinnaker/sail repair, but also suitable for repairing boat covers, seat covers, tents etc.

Very easy to use: For maximum hold, ensure that the surface is clean, dry and dirt and grease free. Simply cut a piece of tape to generously cover the tear, bring the torn edges together and apply firm pressure. To ensure good adhesion to textiles or canvas and other flexible materials, lie the area to be repaired on a firm, flat surface. Rub the ripstop tape firmly into position. Adhesion improves after several hours. A similar reinforcing layer on the reverse side of the tear ensures greater strength and stops the edges of the tear fraying.

50mm wide, supplied in a 4.5 metre roll. Available in various colours.


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