Slingshot Phantom 2018 18m2 kite only


High Aspect Foil Design 

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Double surface design for double the adventure . For any addicted hydro-foilers and efficiency pioneers, that want to explore new possibilities with a kite. As your skills evolve and you become an expert in angles and efficiency, you’ll eventually hit a wall with the limits of your LEI kite. It’s literally a drag. Combine the Phantom with your hydrofoil and your world on the water will never be the same. Discover new upwind angles, speeds, light wind minimums, hangtime and overall efficiencies. Sessions you would have written off are now completely rewritten.

SIZES:  11 / 15 / 18 M

Package Includes:



  • High aspect speed/touring and freedom finder
  • Crushes upwind angles and light wind minimums of LEI kites
  • Extreme angles and efficiency gives kiteboarders a new experience
  • Closed cell design assists in water relaunch
  • Compatible with our normal four-line kite bar
  • Designed in collaboration with the legendary foil designers at Elf Kites
annata 2018
materiale Ripstop
adatto Foiling
adatto Freeride / Low wind
adatto Race
adatto / condizione Lightwind
suitable / ridingskills Competition
suitable / ridingskills Expert
disegno kite Softkite closed cell
forma kite High Aspect Ratio
controllo di kite Bar
bridles con carrucola
numero di linee 4 Lines