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Kite Foilboards

Buy the right foil board online

The Swiss Kitesurf Kiteshop Switzerland offers you a large selection of foils and foilboards as well as wings, fuselages and masts from various brands. With us you will find the right foil or foilboard from Slingshot, North, Duotone, Moses Hydrofoil or Naish. We are passionate, experienced foilers ourselves and would be happy to advise you on choosing the right foil setup.

A detailed subdivision into front wings, stabilizers, masts can be found in the Foilsport category:

Cabrinha Logic

Cabrinha Logic

Price CHF1,219.00
  • New
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Armstrong  Wake/Kite/Tow Board

Armstrong Wake/Kite/Tow Board

Price CHF1,399.00
  • New
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3244SM  - Indiana 3'7 Pump Foil "le Doigt" Carbon
  • New
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SABfoil Rail Board 8L Leviathan
85 x 40 x 4 cm

SABfoil Rail Board 8L...

Price CHF819.00
  • New
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Indiana Wing Foil Inflatable

Indiana Wing Foil...

Regular price CHF1,216.13 -30% Price CHF851.29
  • On sale!
  • -30%
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3242SLtest  - Indiana 120 Kite / Pump Foil Carbon

Indiana 120 Kite / Pump...

Regular price CHF979.00 -40% Price CHF587.40
  • On sale!
  • -40%
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12304131  - Slingshot Dwarf Craft V2

Slingshot Dwarf Craft V2

Regular price CHF919.00 -20% Price CHF735.20
  • On sale!
  • -20%
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123041  - Slingshot Travel Craft V1 90

Slingshot Travel Craft V1 90

Regular price CHF919.00 -10% Price CHF827.10
  • -10%
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3226SM  - Indiana Wing Foil Inflatable

Indiana Wing Foil Inflatable

Price CHF1,234.70
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3208SM  - Indiana Kite Foil 125cm Inflatable

Indiana Kite Foil 125cm...

Price CHF869.00
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3212SM  - Indiana Surf/Wing Foil Carbon

Indiana Surf/Wing Foil Carbon

Price CHF1,279.00
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3241SM  - Indiana Kite / Pump Foil Carbon

Indiana Kite / Pump Foil...

Price CHF1,099.00
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