Mystic Elevate Square LW Boardbag


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- 4’9 twintip/wake. All shapes compatible
- 5’4 and 5’8 stubby/lightwind. All shapes compatible
- Lightweight construction
- Detachable wheel system
- Compact storage system
- Protective padding on the critical parts
- 360 Webbing equator
- Ergonomic shoulder strap (adjustable/detachable)
- EVA formed shoulder patch
- Compression straps
- Core support strap (RED)
- Carry handles
- 3D mesh airvent
- Transparent inner pocket (2x)
- Heavy duty zipper
- Address card pocket


- HXcomb shell ultra
- PVC coated 600D polyester




4'9 (145cm x 45cm x 30cm) / 5'4 (165cm x 50cm x 30cm) / 5'8 (173cm x 50cm x 30cm)


Transparent inner pocket (2x)

Two inner pockets for small storage items such as screws, fins or spare parts.

Detachable wheel system

Save extra weight when needed.

Ergonomic shoulder strap

Shoulder strap with adjustable positions and length for the perfect weight balance and comfort. Detach the strap and store it in the strap garage after check-in.

Core support strap (RED)

Attach the red strap while the bag is loaded to distribute the weight over the core of the bag.